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Satellite view of the site.

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  • 2007 'Most improved site in Borough - SMBC

    Awarded by the Parks and Leisure dept

  • 2008 ' Best in Borough' - SMBC

    Awarded by Parks and Leisure Dpet

  • 2008 Best use of Derelict Allotment Land

    Awarded by NWCAA for the development of unusable land on site for a wildlife and community project

Welcome to Whitehill Allotments Society Stockport web pages

Whitehill Allotments are located on Whitehill Street West in Reddish, Stockport - opposite Whitehill Primary School and up towards Manchester Road on the Fire station side. Readily accessible to those in the four Heaton's or Reddish areas

Please note that during the day there are new parking restrictions outside the site during peak periods, although there is ample parking provision on Whitehill Street itself slightly further up or opposite the site.

There are a lot of facilities on site, with a busy and well used 'brew hut', a toilet and good access roadway all-round the inner site. Also note there is no parking policy on site - it’s a 'come-on, drop off, drive off' approach so that access is always maintained. We have a large developed community area with a class room, ponds (great for pond dipping!) and raised decking / seating area, along with our own apiary for bee keeping

The site (both the allotments and the web!) are under constant development  & improvement , so please ensure you book mark us and return on a regular basis. Inside these pages you should be able to find out more about us, the site and the society in general, the rules and of course who to contact if you would like to come and see if there are plots available.

The society has poultry plots as well as traditional allotment plots, although there is a waiting list for these, if you are not on it then you won't get one!

The allotment garden plots themselves vary in size but we have standard sizes for a full plot - 300 square yards or 'thereabouts' and a half plot size which is just that!

So if you are interested in 'growing your own' please get in touch and see if we can arrange a visit.

Plot Allocation: At present there is a number posted on the gates - please come down and have a look.